Writing Center

Accommodation for Disabilities

Can I get an accommodation because I have a disability? Yes. Alliance University Writing Center offers extended sessions for students with disabilities. Documentation of your disability will need to…

Updated 6 months ago

Booking Appointments

How do I book an appointment with the Writing Center? You can book an appointment via our booking page. Go to https://auwconline.setmore.com/. Choose a service. Choose an online consultant. Choose yo…

Updated 5 months ago

Booking in Advance

How early in advance can I book an appointment?. Students can book an appointment up to 14 days in advance from the current date. If more time is needed, please make a request by contacting us at the…

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Cancelling Appointments

How do I cancel my appointment? Retrieve the confirmation email sent to you by the Online Writing Center. Click on “Cancel Appointment” as shown in the figure below. NOTICE: If TWO (2) consecutive ap…

Updated 7 months ago

Choosing Consultants

Do I get to choose my consultant? No, but when scheduling your appointment, you can request a particular consultant. Please note that you are not guaranteed to get that consultant if your schedules d…

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Citation Styles (APA/MLA/Turabian)

How do I follow APA/MLA/Turabian citation styles in my paper? For information on specific formatting guidelines, book an appointment with a writing consultant. You may also find the following resourc…

Updated 7 months ago

Connecting with Writing Consultants

I have scheduled an appointment. How do I connect with my writing consultant? Check your email 15 minutes before your appointment time. Send in your draft and assignment guidelines (if applicable). W…

Updated 3 years ago

Dropping Off Papers

Can I drop off my paper and pick it up later? No, drop-off services are not offered as we help students one-on-one. You can schedule an appointment with the Writing Center by visiting our booking pag…

Updated 5 months ago

Extra Help for Non-Native Speakers

English is not my first language. Can I get extra help? If English is not your first language, the Writing Center offers back-to-back sessions to ensure that you are receiving an adequate amount of a…

Updated 3 years ago

How Do I Apply for a Job With the Writing Center?

How Do I Apply for a Job With the Writing Center?. The Writing Program is now HIRING Peer Writing Consultants for the 2023-2024 school year! If you are interested in joining our team please see the a…

Updated 3 months ago

Multiple Same-Day Appointments

May I have multiple appointments on the same day? You may have multiple appointments on the same day if any of the following is true: English is not your native language. You are a first-year student…

Updated 3 years ago

Rescheduling Appointments

How do I reschedule my appointment? Retrieve the confirmation email sent to you by the Online Writing Center. Choose the option “Reschedule” as shown in the figure below. Select a new date and time f…

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Session Length

How long is each session? Each session is 50 minutes long. For back-to-back sessions, you will be given a 10-minute break in the middle.

Updated 3 years ago

Session Review Form

My professor sent me to the Writing Center. How do I get signed proof of my visit? After your session, the writing consultant will email you a PDF of the signed Session Review form. This document is…

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Writing Center Contact

Hours of Operation:. On-Campus. Monday, Wednesday - Friday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Online. Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Contact Us: Email: thewritingcenter@allianceu.edu Phone: 646-378-6100 ext. 790…

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Writing Center Services

What type of help can I get from the Writing Center? Our Writing Consultants provide support for the following: Writing projects across all disciplines, programs, and genres. Academic and non-academi…

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Writing Consultants

Who are the writing consultants? Graduate Writing Consultants: Berengere Howard Bright Obiallor Ye Sil Cha

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