STEP: Science and Technology Entry Program

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Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

The Alliance University STEP Program  is an academic enrichment program for junior high and high school student who meet the qualifications.

As a STEP student  you’ll receive preparation for college in areas of STEM-related fields. (science, technology, engineering, and math) and other professions.

  • Classes take place after school for middle school  and  Saturdays during the academic year for High Schools
  • Scholars participate in a five-week, full-time summer program in July – August
  • Classes are held at Alliance University.
  • STEP students enjoy access to all that AU has to offer.
  • Classes are taught by trained professionals and AU Faculty.
  • Students who Complete the STEP program are in position to succeed in college.

As a STEP Student you will receive knowledge from trained and licensed professionals!

  • Special l workshops: Introductions to specialized fields in the health professions, computer science, engineering.
  • Tutorials and study groups: Students may receive individual and group tutorials in all subjects.
  • Internships (for high school students only): Opportunities to gain hands-on experience in STEM fields and other careers.
  • Career activities: Guest speakers, field trips, career testing, and conferences.
  • College counseling and support: Preparation for the SAT, Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT), academic, career, and financial aid support. Students receive individualized counseling for the college and high school selection process.
  • Cultural and recreational activities: Classroom academics are enhanced by field trips to colleges and universities, museums, research facilities, theaters, and other cultural institutions.

Students in grades 7 to 12 must meet one of two eligibility criteria:

  1. Students who belong to minority groups underrepresented in scientific, technical, and health professions are eligible to apply to the program. The state of New York has designated Black/African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Alaskan Natives as members of such groups
  2. Economically disadvantaged students are also eligible to apply to the program. The state of New York has established income requirements for students who seek admission to STEP on the basis of economic factors. This document lists gross family income limits for applicants who are not members of underrepresented minority groups.

Application: STEP Application Form

Please send the application via email to

Contact Info

Alliance University

2 Washington Street

New York, NY 10004

19th floor


Dr. Gwen Parker – Ames, Director

EXT: 7855


Shaun Jacobs – Patterson, Site Coordinator

EXT: 7909


Travaughn Groce – Administrative Assistant

EXT: 7737


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