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True to the vision of Alliance University founder, A.B. Simpson this Division seeks to help students balance the gift of being spirit filled or spirit seeking with academic stamina. Assistance is provided to help students build academic stamina through our COMPASS services, which are designed to point students in the right direction.

What Does COMPASS Stand For?

The COMPASS acronym reflects the expectations that guide our COMPASS services, which point students in the right direction. It represents Commitment, Opportunity, Motivation, Plan, Aspire, Serve, and Success. Our curriculum and vision is comprised of a standards-driven, student-centered, assessment-based, collaborative approach that values the potential of at-risk college students who can become servant leaders who balance their Spiritual, Academic, Social, and Professional journey.

Commitment addresses the importance of the individual’s spiritual walk while being an engaged member of the Alliance University community.

Opportunity emphasizes the willingness to seize opportunities for leadership when offered in order to enhance personal and professional development.

Motivation links attitude with academic achievement.

Plan stresses the necessity for preparing and equipping student learners in considering their life’s calling and guide them in developing not only an individualized college plan, but a model for their future.

Aspire seeks to support students in believing in their dreams, strengths, and abilities to overcome struggles.

Serve reminds each student of God’s great commandment to “love” by becoming a servant leader in one’s family, congregation, and community. We each represent the Kingdom and others (including God, Himself) are taking note.

Success is the final outcome when all the threads are woven together and the personal transformation has taken place before our very eyes.

God and Guidance

Scripture encourages us to “finish strong”, which is a recurring theme that we pass along to our students. Our underlying philosophy is that with God and guidance, all things are possible. Psalms 119:105 provides the inspiration for the COMPASS acronym used in the logo and mission statement. The COMPASS acronym works in collaborative effort with the Alliance University Core Values to provide provisionally admitted students a transformative college experience.

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