Academic Success Center

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Our Academic Success Centers are dedicated to the motto:

Tell me and I forgetShow me and I remember,Involve me, and I understand

Through working closely with professors teaching college courses we are able to offer students an environment for achieving success throughout their college journey.


The Academic Success Center is located on the 19th floor in room 1907.

Hours of Operation

Appointment Only

Note: please check the specific section of the Division whose services you require (ie. Tutoring, Disabilities, HEOP, etc.) for their specific hours.

Evaluations and Referrals

In case of questions on Testing and Learning Disabilities, we refer students to Arquisha Moreno,

Students contact the A.S.C. based on referrals from their Foundation for Excellence instructors and students are required to study in the A.S.C. for an agreed upon number of hours per week.

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