Student Development

Building a Resume

Who can I talk to for help with my resume? If you stop by the Student Development office, we would be happy to provide you with Career Services resources to help with your resume.

Emily Sigmon
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Daycare On Campus

Are daycare services available for students with children? Nyack has a lot of resources available to students, however our facility does not currently offer daycare.

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Food on Campus

What food options are there on or near the Nyack College campus? All of Nyack College/ATS is finally housed in one location. The design of the campus was constructed to hold the maximum number of stu…

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Information About Events & Clubs

Where can I get information about current clubs or upcoming events at Alliance University? For information regarding upcoming events, we encourage studetns to check their email as we s…

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Senior Class Events

Is there a senior trip planned for the graduating class? The Office of Student Development plans a senior brunch and baccalaureate celebration for the graduation class. Trips are initially organized…

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Student Engagement

Who is the Student Engagement Team? Welcome to our Student Engagement Page! The Student Engagement Department at Alliance University is here to help provide an environment where our students can gath…

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