School of Nursing Clinical Practicum Safety Plan

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Nursing students are required to wear a surgical mask and eye protection during the care of the hospitalized patients. Nursing students will receive surgical masks and one pair of non-disposable goggles for clinical practicum. On on-site clinical days, clinical instructors will perform a screening checklist for COVID pass, including temperature checks.

Our partnering clinical agencies will limit on-site clinical experience to prevent COVID-19. Students will meet clinical learning outcomes with a combination of on-site clinical experience and acceptable alternative methods to substitute clinical hours: 1) live simulation in a lab setting with a simulation software program, 2) deliberately designed virtual simulations that allows students to observe, assess, diagnose, and provide interventions for virtual patients, 3) other acceptable methods including case studies, applied research, virtual demonstrations, or role-playing appropriate to the specific nursing course. NYSED approved all alternative methods to substitute clinical hours.

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