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Educator Licensure Pathways by State and Program

Alliance University’s programs are designed to meet educational requirements for teacher licensure in New York State.  In compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations (§ 668.43(a)(5)(v) and § 668.43(c)), educational requirements include coursework and clinical experience tied to coursework. Note that even though a program meets NYS requirements, individual students must also meet state- and program-specific requirements for admission to and completion of an educator preparation program, and any other state licensure requirements (e.g., testing, background checks) to be eligible for licensure in another state.

Relocation and Licensure

Students who relocate to another state before completing all certification program requirements in the state in which their program is approved or recognized may have difficulty or be unable to complete requirements for licensure in either state (e.g., a certification seeking student who relocates from Louisiana to New York before completing all Louisiana certification requirements). Students are encouraged to first discuss relocating with their advisor. Students should then carefully review and confirm the licensure requirements in the state in which they are planning to relocate by reaching out to the agency overseeing teacher preparation in that state (NASTDEC) and/or reviewing requirements as posted online or access the Education Commission of the States profiles for Teacher License Reciprocity here.

Teacher license reciprocity allows candidates who hold an out-of-state license to earn a license in a receiving state, subject to meeting state-specific requirements. Reciprocity agreements allow states to work through variations in licensing systems to coordinate license transfers and fill vacant teaching positions with qualified candidates. Most states have policies in place to improve reciprocity for certain teachers, but few states provide full reciprocity for all fully licensed teachers”. Click here to view 50-State Comparisons on each data point.

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