School of Education Field and Clinical Safety Plan

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The School of Education’s clinical experiences will meet the requirements outlined in the Commissioner’s Regulations Part 52 during the  21-22 academic year. However, pursuant to the document from NYSED “Guidance for NYS Colleges and Universities on Reopening for the 21-22 Academic Year” effective July 31, 2021, there are some clinical experience flexibilities (remote / video / simulation)  in the types of student engagement permitted during the COVID emergency for FIELD experience only.   The total number of clinical hours must remain the same.

However,  all NYC schools are now requiring evidence of vaccinations for all employees/student teachers/practicum students and observers.   Additionally,  with the pending OSHA’s vaccination mandates, it is very foreseeable that candidates will have to provide evidence of vaccinations in all  Rockland County and / or upstate schools and districts and New Jersey  for all clinical experiences (field) as well. Applications  for exemptions, particularly religious exemptions, are not being honored in public and charter schools.  Faith -based schools (small sampling) are requiring vaccinations for those ‘outside’ the school community as well.

If candidates not vaccinated,  Alliance University does not have the authority or the power to grant exemptions (waiving clinical experiences) for NYS certification requirements, to request clinical placements. Therefore, if candidate does not complete field, practicum or student teaching  for whatever reason, they will not (1) complete Alliance University registered NYS initial certification program, and  (2) they will not be eligible for NYS certification. Unfortunately, candidates will have to change their major to the non-certification program appropriate to their program.

Candidates are advised to contact the Director or the Chair of their respective programs if they have questions.

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