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Reporting a Student of Concern

For those in the Alliance University community who teach, supervise, mentor and support, mentor, and support our Alliance University students, the following guidelines may be helpful when you believe a student referral should be made.

  1. Immediate (but not an emergency): Contact either the Office of Student Development at (646) 378-6194 or x6194, Residence Life Professional on duty after 7:00PM at (845) 213-9145, or Campus Safety for The Bay at Jersey City at (845) 222-8812 or Manhattan Campus at (646) 378-6198 or x6198, if there is an immediate concern about the health or safety of a student. Please be sure to speak with someone in person so we can respond quickly.
  2. Ongoing but not an immediate health/safety concern: Contact the VP and Dean of Students if your concern does not rise to an immediate health/safety level but you feel that the student could use an additional network of support. Possible referrals could include:
    1. A student who is missing a significant number of classes.
    2. A student who is expressing disturbing thoughts/feelings in written or oral work.
    3. A student who exhibits a change in usual behavior (onset of anxiety, anger, withdrawal).

Upon getting the referral, typically within 24-48 hours, a member of the team will reach out to the student. The faculty/staff member’s name will likely be used in the context of, “Faculty/staff X shared with me through our normal processes of caring for students that they are concerned about you and I am reaching out to you to offer resources and support.” From there, the team member will work with the student to determine appropriate follow up measures.

Once the Student of Concern Committee has identified a student of concern, a decision is made to either address them individually or refer them to the Threat Assessment Team. Alliance University has established a second team entitled “Threat Assessment Team” to address situations where students may need further assessment due to an escalation of disruptive, threatening or worrisome behaviors that have the potential to impede their own academic progress or that have the potential to impede the ability of others to function successfully or safely.

It is imperative that any member of the Alliance University community – faculty, staff or students – immediately report any situation that could result in harm to anyone at the College.

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