Options for Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence

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Alliance University wants you to get the information and support you need regardless of whether you would like to move forward with a report of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking to campus officials or to police. You may want to talk with someone about something you observed or experienced, even if you are not sure that the behavior constitutes sexual violence. A conversation where questions can be answered is far superior to keeping something to yourself. Confidentiality varies, and this document is aimed at helping you understand how confidentiality applies to different resources that may be available to you.

Privileged and Confidential Resources

  • Individuals who are confidential resources will not report crimes to law enforcement or College officials without your permission, except for extreme circumstances, such as a health and/or safety emergency. At Alliance University, this includes:
    • Counseling Office, Room 020, x6790, (646) 564-6790,
  • Off-campus options to disclose sexual violence confidentially include (note that these outside options do not provide any information to the campus):
    • A.V.A. (Sexual Assault Victim Assistance) Division of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Call for reporting incidents in Jersey City Available 24 hours including Sundays and holidays 201-915-1234
    • Jersey City Medical Center
      • 355 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
      • (201) 915-2000
    • NYC Crisis Centers
      • Beth Israel ER/Rape Crisis Intervention & Domestic Violence Program. A survivor of sexual assault may go to any hospital ER for a medical/forensic examination; however, the closest hospital to Alliance University with SAFE examiners (physicians certified in handling cases of sexual assault) is Beth Israel. This hospital is staffed with trained social workers and counselors who provide additional care through the Rape Crisis Intervention Program. The Beth Israel ER is located on First Avenue at 16th Street, New York, NY 10003. General Number: 212-420-2000. Emergency Services: 212-420-2840. Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Intervention Program Dept. of Social Work, 317 E. 17th Street, New York, NY 10003, 212-420-4516.
    • Off-campus healthcare providers
      • Note that medical office and insurance billing practices may reveal information to the insurance policyholder, including medication and/or examinations paid for or administered. The New York State Office of Victim Services may be able to assist in compensating victims/survivors for health care and counseling services, including emergency compensation. More information may be found here: https://www.ovs.ny.gov/files/ovs_rights_of_cv_booklet.pdf or by calling 1-800-247-8035. Options are explained here: http://www.ovs.ny.gov/helpforcrimevictims.html. Note that even individuals who can typically maintain confidentiality are subject to exceptions under the law, including when an individual is a threat to him/herself or others and the mandatory reporting of child abuse.

Off-campus counselors and advocates. Crisis services offices will generally maintain confidentiality unless you request disclosure and sign a consent or waiver form. More information on an agency’s policies on confidentiality may be obtained directly from the agency

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