Emergency Response Summary

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Alliance University has developed an Emergency Operations Plan, the purpose of which is to, in the event of a major emergency or disaster:

  • Save the maximum number of lives, minimize injuries and protect property.
  • Provide direction and resources for Emergency Response Coordinators.
  • Provide information and resources for the campus community.
  • Provide for the timely receipt and rapid dissemination of warning information.
  • Ensure that Alliance University remains viable.
  • Preserve fiscal activities essential for the survival and recovery from the emergency or disaster.

Alliance University shall conduct continuous planning to minimize the risk of personal injury and property loss from emergencies, shall cooperate with governmental agencies charged with disaster control and shall take necessary steps to assure continuity of business operations and restoration of normal activities as soon as possible following an emergency or a disaster.

The following are the objectives of a coordinated response to campus emergencies:

  • More rapid response.
  • More systematic and routine approach.
  • Venue for promptly identifying and supporting University decision makers.
  • System for evaluating all emergencies to improve our responses.
  • Reduced exposure to vicarious liability.
  • Improved management of public information.

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