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Courtesy & Quiet Hours

What are courtesy and quiet hours? Quiet hours and courtesy hours prioritize academics by allowing residents to concentrate on their studies any time of day and night. Additionally, Alliance Universi…

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Curfew for Freshman

Why do freshmen have a curfew? This policy is in place to help freshmen students succeed in their first year of college as they adjust to the new freedoms and challenges that come with being a colleg…

Updated 2 years ago

Paying Residence Life Fines

Can I use my debit card to pay my Residence Life (Res Life) fine? All Residence Life fines must be paid by cash or check directly to the Residence Life office. We do not accept debit card payments at…

Updated 2 years ago

Residence Hall Work Requests

What is a Work Request? A Work Request is a form that residents of the Jersey City Residence Hall can fill out to notify staff that there is something in your individual units or in common areas that…

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Residential Student Sign Out Sheet

I am leaving the Jersey City Residence Hall Overnight. How do I Sign Out of the Building? Due to COVID-19 State Guidelines and for Contact Tracing Purposes it is important that the Professional Resid…

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Room Inspections

What are room inspections? Room inspections help ensure the upkeep of the room, which is the college's property. Through room inspections, Alliance University helps students maintain cleanliness, whi…

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