Institutional Withdrawal

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How do I withdraw from Alliance University?

Students who must WITHDRAW FROM ALL CLASSES IN ONE SEMESTER should complete and submit the Institutional Withdrawal Form as soon as possible because financial aid refunds are calculated based on date of notification. Withdrawal from all or part of a student’s registration does not relieve the student of the tuition charges for the course(s). 

Institutional Withdrawal Form.pdf

If a student withdraws from the college by the "Last Day to Withdraw", the grade for the courses will be WD. After the "Last Day to Withdraw" in a given semester has passed, students will not be able to withdraw. 

Students who do not officially withdraw or obtain Program on Hold status and do not enroll in the next semester, will be automatically withdrawn and will need to proceed through re-admission in order to return. 

Students requesting a Program on Hold (Leave of Absence) should consult with the Registrar's Office and their Student Financial services Advisor.

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