Post Office

Incoming Mail and Packages

Is incoming campus mail delivered to the Jersey City mail room? Yes. Can I receive packages at the Jersey City residence? Yes. Packages that do not fit in your mailbox will be secured in the residenc…

Updated 2 months ago

Nearest Post Office to Jersey City Residence

Where is the closest post office to the Jersey City Residence? United States Postal Service 69 Montgomery Street Jersey City, NJ 07302 What are their hours of operation? They are open Monday through…

Updated 2 years ago

Returning/Outgoing Mail and Packages

Can students buy stamps and send outgoing mail through the residence mail room? The residence mail room only handles incoming mail. You may go to the nearest local post office to return mail or send…

Updated 2 years ago

Student Mailbox Information

How do I get a mailbox? You will be assigned a residence mailbox by the Post Office. Is there a monetary fee for having a mailbox? No. However, there will be a fine if your mailbox is defaced. Will I…

Updated 2 months ago

Student Mailing Address

Where do I have my mail and packages sent? Please tell senders to address mail as follows: John Smith (student name) Alliance University 150 Bay Street Jersey City, NJ 07302

Updated 2 months ago