Renewing Library Book

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Can I renew my Library book online? 📚

Yes. You can renew library books online.

To renew your library book;

  1. Go to the Library Website.
  2. Select "My Library Account" on the left of the library home page.
  3. Log into your library account WebPac Pro with the following credentials:
  • Username: your FULL AU EMAIL address (e.g.,
  • Password: the LAST FOUR DIGITS of your SSN twice in a row (e.g. 12341234)
WebPac Pro
  1. Click on your name to access your account from Encore.
Library Account After Login
  1. In your account,
    1. Select the book(s) you need to renew.
    2. Click on "Renew Marked" or "Renew All" as needed.
Renew Library Books
After following the instructions above, always check the due date for each title to confirm that the renewal request was accepted. If it is not, you will need to return the item as soon as possible.
You will not be able to renew if 1) you are trying to renew on the due date or later, 2) you have already reached your maximum number of renewals, or 3) if someone else has placed a hold request on the title.

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