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How do I cite using the NoodleTools account?

  1. Go to the Library Website, click "RESEARCH," then select "NoodleTools."
    1. If you are a new NoodleTools user, first go to the NoodleTools Login page on AU Answer to create an account.
    2. If you already have a NoodleTools account, sign in with your ID and password.
  2. Once you have signed in, click "+New project" on the projects screen.
  1. When the "create a new project" screen pops up, enter a name for your project and select the appropriate citation style and level. Then click Submit. 
  1. Click the Project Title you just created to open the dashboard.
  1. The dashboard screen will appear. The dashboard organizes your work environment for effective research. You can see assignments, create to-do lists, submit work, and act on feedback from teachers in an organized way.
  2. Click on +New Source in the navigation bar at the top corner to begin citing sources.
    1. Select "Where" the resource was founded.
    1. Select "What" type of resource you are trying to cite. (e.g. eBook - please use Book, electronic articles - please use Journal.)
Select the best match for your source from the choices given. The selections under "what is it?" will change if your "where is it?" selection changes.
  1. Fill in the citation form with the appropriate information. If your source is a book, you can locate it in WorldCat (via an ISBN or title/author search), and it will automatically fill in the form with the book's details, checked and revised for accuracy by NoodleTools.
  1. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click Submit to save your new citation.

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