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Does Alliance University provide login for Microsoft Office?

The latest version of Microsoft office allows you to create your own account with Microsoft to personalize and save all your own work.

Your MyAU-SSO Login will work when downloading Microsoft Office from

However, we do not provide support for any Microsoft office tools. You can use Microsoft Office in any of the labs and computers available on campus. We highly recommend that you save your work to your Google Drive regardless of the document editing tools you prefer to use (Microsoft Office or Google Tools). 

If you would like to create your own personal account you may do so, however it is not a requirement.

We recommend Google Tools because they follow the ACE Method.

Accessibility - to view and/or edit your documents from anywhere on any device.

Collaboration - with other students and/or faculty.

Enhanced Security - through protection from ransomware.

* Google Docs can also be downloaded as a PDF or Word document to be uploaded for assignment submission.

Watch this video for more information about the ACE Method!

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