How do I Extend my TV/gaming device registration - Yearly?

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Extend my TV/gaming device registration - Yearly?

*These steps ONLY apply to students who:

1) Live in the dorm with Academically Excellent Wifi.

2) Have a Gaming / TV Device that cannot connect to Academically Excellent


Perform these steps On Computer (Laptop / Desktop):

Step 1: Verify your computer is connected to Academically Excellent Wifi.

  • Same login as

Step 2: Open Browser (Chrome preferably) on your laptop or AllianceU Campus computer and go to this link (Reminder: If you try accessing this site on a mobile device/tablet, it will NOT work)

Step 3: Click on Managed Devices on the left

Step 4: In the middle section, select the device that is expired that you are still using. Once the device is selected click edit.

Step 5: After verifying 1 Year is selected in the section labelled Extend Device Expiration. Select Update Device.

The device you extended should now be able to access the Limited Wireless Network. If not, please reboot the device.

If device reboot does not work and if you have multiple devices registered, please verify that you extended the correct device.

Need Further Assistance?

If you continue to have an issue connecting to the Limited network, please contact an RA for immediate assistance. 

You may also contact support at for further troubleshooting assistance.

Be sure to include your Name, Room #, the device you are trying to connect, any error messages and the best number to contact you. 

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