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​MyAllianceU Login Instructions

How do I login to MyAllianceU? At this point it is important that you confirm with Enrollment Services that you have been scheduled for courses for the upcoming semester. Once you have a schedule in…

AU Staff
Updated 8 months ago by AU Staff

Connecting to AcademicallyExcellent Wifi

How do I connect to the wireless network? AcademicallyExcellent Wifi has been set up throughout the Jersey City dorm and Manhattan Campus for regular internet connections for devices, such as Phones,…

Xelena Santiago
Updated 8 months ago by Xelena Santiago

Microsoft Office Tools

Does Alliance University provide login for Microsoft Office? The latest version of Microsoft office allows you to create your own account with Microsoft to personalize and save all your own work. You…

AU Staff
Updated 8 months ago by AU Staff