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Illness Excuse Policy

Health Services does not give written excuses for absences from class or Chapel due to illness or injury. Class attendance is an academic issue that each professor addresses in her or his syllabi.

Confidentiality Policy

All staff associated with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prevents the sharing of any kind with any person or persons other than the individual patient. This include parents/guardians, significant others, professors or any other staff. The regulations rendered invalid if a staff person believes the patient to be danger to himself / herself or another person. According to HIPAA

Protected Health Information (PHI) may be disclosed without a participant’s authorization, to avert a serious threat to health or safety.

Services Provided

The Students Health Services Office promotes preventative care and healthy living programs to Alliance University students and community.  Some of the basic services we offer during our open hours are:

  • Basic wound care
  • Vital Signs (i.e. temperature, blood pressure, respiration and pulse)
  • Provide Clinical information of providers in the area for students in need of medical care
  • Follow-up with students who received medical care
  • Provide equipment to students in need of assistances (i.e. crutches, canes and wheelchair)
  • Educate students by providing resources on health issues (i.e. pamphlets)

Please note we will not provide any of the following:

  • Stitches/suture
  • Administer Immunizations/PPD
  • Administer any medications
  • Emergency treatment of Fractures
  • Asthma treatments

In Case of an Emergency

The student should call 911 immediately and contact the Residence Life staff on duty and campus security. Wait in a safe place for help to arrive. Emergency Response Services responding to an on campus emergency will transport students a Hospital.

Residence Life ON DUTY phone number: Campus Security phone number:

Communicable Diseases

Alliance University takes action to maintain the well-being of the community when a communicable disease is identified on campus. Depending on the nature of the disease, short-term or long-term isolation from the campus may be necessary for the individual with the disease especially, if a physician and/or the Department of Health so advise.

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