Large Account Balance

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Why do I have a large balance on my account?

These are some of the common reasons why there may be a large balance on your account.

The tuition charges have posted, and Federal loans and grants have not disbursed.

Before contacting your financial aid counselor, kindly review the following checklist.

  1. Have all the loan documents been completed?
    1. MPN Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    2. Entrance counseling Entrance Counseling
    Federal aid will not disburse until all the loan documents are completed.
  2. Have all the completed verification documents requested been submitted to student financial services or uploaded to the student portal?
    1. Have additional documents been requested?
    2. Has a reasonable time been allowed for processing?
If you have been selected for verification, Federal and State aid will not disburse until the verification process has been completed.
  1. Have you reviewed your account on the student portal to see if all the aid listed on your award letter has posted?
    1. Pell and TAP generally post at a later date than institution aid and student loans.
    2. Parent Plus loan - has the parent completed the Patent Plus MPN? Has it expired?


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