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FAFSA Assistance

1.      Go to studentaid.gov

2.      Log in as a returning user.

3.      Click on "I am a student."

4.      To log in, you must have your FAFSA username and FAFSA ID.

a.      FAFSA Username

         i.      Your FSA ID email address may be different from your FAFSA email address.

        ii.      This field is not case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your username, select "Forgot Username."

b.     FAFSA ID

          i.      Your password must be between 8 and 30 characters in length, and it must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Special characters are not required, but the following characters may be included as part of your password:  ! # $ % & ( ) * + - . : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ _ { } ~ 

          ii.      Remember, your password is case-sensitive.Troubleshooting Your Account Username and Password

          ii.      If you have forgotten your password, select "Forgot Password."

5.      Should you need further assistance, click on the help center icon at the top on the page. Several options to contact FAFSA are displayed where you can receive assistance.

6.      The FAFSA information center can better assist you since they can view your application live.

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