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Notifications allows you to control when and how you receive notifications about activity in your course. You can choose to receive instant notifications via your preferred method (email or SMS), or you can choose to receive a summary of activity daily for each of your courses through email. 

By default you will only receive notifications when logged into D2L Brightspace. To receive additional notifications please follow the steps below.

  1. Click you name in the upper right and select "Notifications" from the dropdown list
    Setting Up Mobile Notifications:

    Click "Register your mobile." This will allow you to receive mobile notifications.
    Enter all the required information and click "Save"

    After you receive a registration confirmation code you'll be able to confirm your number and receive mobile alerts
  2. Select how often you would like to receive activity summaries
  3. Under "Instant Notifications"
    1. Check which items you would like to receive notifications for and if you would like those as SMS or as an email
  4. Customize your Notifications
    1. Set up grade notifications
    2. Set up if any courses should be excluded from notifications
  5. Click "Save" to save your settings

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