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D2L offers a mention feature in Discussions using the @ symbol. When you use @user to tag another user in a topic, the mentioned user receives a mention alert.

Posting a New Thread

  1. Select the Discussion topic you want to post to
  2. Select Start a New Thread
  3. Enter your subject for the thread and the text for your comment in the main content box
  4. Add any images or videos as needed
  5. Post your discussion

Reply to a Created Thread

  1. Select the Discussion topic
  2. Select a thread created by yourself or another user
  3. Select Reply to Thread
  4. In the text box compose your text and add any additional images or video as needed
  5. Post your reply

Editing a Discussion Post

If you have made a mistake in your post or need to add additional information you can go back in and edit your post.

  1. Click on the post you need to edit
  2. Click on the Actions Menu next to the post title.
  3. Select "Edit Thread" or "Edit Post" depending on if you are editing a Thread you started or a post made as a reply.

Using @mentions

The @mentions allows you to tag a user in your thread or in your reply. When a user is tagged they will receive a notification letting them know they have been tagged.

  1. Click on the topic or reply you want to tag a user in
  2. Post as you normally would
  3. To tag a user, type @ and begin typing either their first or last name
  4. Users will begin to appear in a list, select the user you want to tag. The tag will now show the users name
  5. Click Post to complete your reply

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