Counseling Services

Are counseling services offered to Alliance University students?

Yes. Counseling services are available to both currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, with the exception of students attending the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.

What concerns are addressed in counseling?

Students can bring a range of concerns to counseling including, but not limited to, the following:

- Overcoming depression/reducing anxiety

- Improving stress management

- Exploring issues related to one’s sexuality

- Recovering from assault/abuse

- Addressing relationship concerns

- Resolving family issues

- Coping with grief/loss

- Addressing eating/body image issues

- Reducing drug and alcohol related Issues

- Adjusting to college life

- Dealing with intrusive thoughts/feelings

- Improving anger management skills

- Improving academic performance

- Developing healthy communication skills

- Resolving sleep disturbances

All counseling services are free. To make an appointment, please email or visit the Counseling Center located in Room 018.

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How to Make a Counseling Services Appointment